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Our company buys on an industrial scale the following types of waste paper:

MS-1A, MS-2A, MS-6B, МS-7B, MS-8V, MS-13V, MS-9V.

production waste of white paper (except for newsprint paper): printing, writing, drawing, crayon and sensitizing paper, and other types of whitepaper
production waste of all types of white paper in the form of scissorings with ruling and with black-and-white or color stripe - printing, writing, graph and crayon paper
production and consumer waste of all types of corrugated board (except for electrical insulating, ruff-insulating and shank board) with black-and-white or color printing
production and consumer waste of newspaper and newsprint paper
paper cartridges, tubes and cores ( without rods and plugs), paper spool ( without coating and impregnation)
production and consumer waste of different types of board, white and colored paper (except for black and brown colors), lining, sensitizing paper, including paper sealed on copy duplicators, poster, hanging, box-cover paper and tube paper
Used books, magazines, brochures, booklets, catalogues, notebooks, exercise books, pocket-books, posters and other types of printing industry products and white-paper products with monochrome and color printing, without hardcovers, covers and backs released on white paper