Toilet Paper made of Virgin Pulp

Toilet paper is represented by a line of Veta products made of 100% bleached pulp. This product line includes Veta Fancy double-ply white toilet paper and Veta Arõma scented toilet paper. 

Our company’s specialists make constant efforts to diversify the existing product range in order to satisfy the consumer’s needs.


Veta Fancy Toilet Paper 

New double-ply white toilet paper is made of 100% bleached pulp. Toilet paper is incredibly soft and gentle and a has stylish and modern pack design.

To manufacture such products, our specialists developed an exclusive formulation for base paper production, which makes toilet paper particularly soft and comfortable to use.


Veta Arõma Toilet Paper 

We offer you a new line of Veta Arõma scented double-ply toilet paper. This toilet paper is made of 100% white pulp, which makes this product extremely hygienic for a consumer and is also enriched with the most delicate fragrances: Veta Arõma sea breeze, tropical garden and chamomile.

All our products have the stylish and modern pack design with a recognizable and favorite character – Veta.


Toilet Paper made of Waste Paper

Our company produces cost-efficient toilet paper where raw material is recycled pulp. We offer you a Novinka trademark. This trademark is well known among the Belarusian consumers and is in high demand in the domestic market.